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      • Hetrun | invitation letter for the 125th Canton fair

        Recently, Xi Jinping in the "review", a variety of artificial intelligence robot, the development of intelligent Gowild technology companies in the world's first social emotional robot &

        2019/05/20 Kathleen 50

      • Chengdu Packaging Exhibition ended successfully

        The four-day Chengdu Printing and Packaging Exhibition ended on the afternoon of March 18. As a representative exhibition in the printing and packaging industry in the western region, Chengdu Printing

        2019/03/19 Kathleen 14

      • International Label Exhibition

        2019 event - China International Label Exhibition (SINO-LABEL), a large-scale label industry exhibition in the eyes of the public from March 4th to 6th, 2019 in Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair

        2019/03/11 Kathleen 63

      • Annual meeting special

        After 2018,Hetrun has written a new chapter in the service system with the concept of safety, environmental protection, quality assurance and quantity.After 2018,Hetrun?has created a new mileston

        2019/01/28 Kathleen 21

      • 2019, start work

        The atmosphere of the Spring Festival has not dissipated.The new journey has kicked off.New year new life.Today, the eighth day of the lunar calendar,We are officially at work!New beginnings, new jour

        2019/01/28 Kathleen 64

      • Customer visit

        Hetrun,ushered in the visit of Hengan Group customers, high-quality products and services, good company qualification and reputation, is an important reason to attract customers to visit.Herun?ex

        2018/11/29 Kathleen 21

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